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About Rev. Daniel P. Woodring
Rev. Dan Woodring ~ is a Minister, Spiritual Advisor, Chaplain, and Certified Life Coach. Dan is the Spiritual Director of the Center for Spiritual Consciousness – an organization with a stated mission of Helping Individuals Reach Spiritual and Human Potential. Dan has combined over 30 years of experience with advanced academic credentials in spiritual ministries, leadership, and team building. Dan has helped thousands with his book “No Regrets, a Comprehensive Guide and Work Book for Mapping Your Life’s Journey – Regardless of Age.”

Dan’s ministry, management, and consulting background is extensive and includes certifications in several training systems including Franklin Covey, and The Devine Inventory™. Dan is a Certified Life Coach with the Life Coach Institute, and a Certified Business Coach with Six Disciplines.

Dan has served as coach and consultant to a variety of individuals and businesses. Dan currently serves as Spiritual Director for the Center for Spiritual Consciousness and is a volunteer Chaplain at the West Chester Medical Center in West Chester, Ohio. In addition to being an ordained minister, Dan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Dan has received advanced training in Chaplaincy Studies, Coaching, Human Relations and other specialized areas.

Center for Spiritual Consciousness Mission, Beliefs, and Philosophies
The mission of the Center for Spiritual Consciousness is “To Help Individuals Reach Spiritual and Human Potential.”

The more we understand ourselves as spiritual beings living in a spiritual universe, in a spiritually created body that responds to our thought, the more we get It in terms of the spiritual part of the formula that allows us to create prosperity, happiness, success and fulfillment in our lives. When we begin to transform our individual minds with the knowledge and belief of our spiritual nature, miracles happen. We move from understanding to knowing to being (human beings before humans doing). So living our essence is critically important! The reason is that Essence is the key to “life”. Awakening to, recognition of, and living the Power within us is the key spiritual element and focus of The Center for Spiritual Consciousness.

For eons of time, many “chosen” people of God including Moses, Jesus, and The Buddha, other spiritual people like mystics, and clerics, philosophers like Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, and Emerson, and scientists like Einstein, “knew” that there is a Universal Essence that calls each of us to alter our notions of space and time, and to know and accept that this Essence touches each and every one of us at the core of our personhood. We have many labels we use for this essence: God, Allah, TAO (The Way), I Am, Higher Power, The Universe, The Light, Universal Consciousness, Spirit, and many more.

Over these eons of time, many religions have sprouted in an attempt to define and understand this essence and apply it to our human condition. The bottom line of most all these religions is to understand, know, and become one with this Essence. Knowingly or unknowingly then, this One With Essence is what we are called to, search and strive for.

The Center for Spiritual Consciousness is dedicated to helping individuals seek answers to who they truly are, by understanding, knowing, living, and being, as much as possible, a spiritual being having a human experience.

Our Philosophies and Beliefs include: We believe that One Life flows through all and that we are part of that life.
  • We believe in Spiritual Unity, a non-separation from the presence of God
  • We are spiritual beings having a human experience
  • We are all individual entities in Universal Consciousness, which is God
  • We live, move and have our being in Pure Spirit.
  • We are all spiritual seekers on a quest
  • Our spiritual paths are meant to be much more than any one religion
  • We are to seek and honor the Universal Truths presented in all religions
  • We honor the diversity among all people
  • We believe in a Universal Consciousness that connects all of creation
  • and manifests through all living objects
  • We believe there is only One God who is Peace, Power and Love
  • We are to carry our spirituality in the forefront of our daily lives
  • We are here to help heal and change lives, cure the sick and suffering
  • Healing is the free flow of Spiritual Consciousness
  • Through the power of the Spirit, disease, sickness and suffering can be eliminated
  • Healing takes place on the physical plane by manifestation of the Spirit in and through us.
  • We are to concentrate and focus on a God that expresses joy, love, optimism, and compassion
  • Our lives are to be a value based spirituality with focus on compassion, respect, love, truth, gratitude, hope, kindness and peace
  • We are all ardent tools with which God works his miracles

There is a compelling call to awaken and live these spiritual truths by consciously connecting to our inner wisdom for the answers we seek. When we know and live the Kingdom of God that is within, we become the miracle worker.
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