What Others Say About No Regrets

“Dan has distilled some of the best elements from cutting edge business thinking, psychology and personal development technology. His spiritual perspective adds a depth and richness to his work. He makes No Regrets a highly rewarding adventure for mapping your life’s journey ~ Regardless of Age.”
George Lester, Psy.D.
Fellow of the American Board of Vocational Experts

“Anyone wanting to achieve great things in life owes it to themselves to put these principles to the test. Dan Woodring has pulled it all together in this book, No Regrets ~ A Comprehensive Guide And Workbook For Mapping Your Life’s Journey.”
Shad Helmstetter, PhD, President, Life Coach Institute

“As a leader, I’ve seen Dan Woodring perform miracles in the lives of individuals and organizations with his hands-on facilitation and coaching approach. Now with his powerful No Regrets book, there is a practical self-guided tool with specific disciplines available to help all who read it achieve their dreams. Don’t leave your comfort zone without it.”
Jane Greiner, PhD, Sinclair Community College

“Dan Woodring has written a one of a kind guidebook that lays out a Complete Game Plan, which will give his readers the winning edge. His work is eminently useful in providing the ‘how to’s’ needed for accomplishing great things. A must read!”
Paul A. Luers, Real Estate Developer, Life Coach

“This No Regrets book is very, very rich with meaningful and practical tools that promote personal insight, and, without question, will make a difference in the life of those who read it. The book can be read from cover to cover ~ or ~ simply picked up and referenced.”
David M. Siefert, Director of Strategic Programs

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How This Book Was Born

As a young graduate many years ago, I was anxious to practice all that I had learned in engineering school and apply the learning in corporate America. I soon found out that corporate America didn’t particularly adhere to the process, formula and structured thinking of an engineer. I thought perhaps I needed a little business acumen, so I went back to school to get my Masters in Business Administration. I was excited when I graduated to now be able to apply a holistic approach to operating a business. Wrong! My first clue was when my boss was overheard saying, “the next guy that gets an MBA Degree I am going to fire.” I discovered that a large portion of corporate America has a skewed view about application of key principles of running a business. What we are talking about here is “plan your work then work your plan.” The details of this statement include things like strategic planning (vision, mission, purpose stuff), long range planning, short term operational planning, and action work planning. Also included are some important periphery items like project management, process monitoring and control, and a formal problem solving and decision making process. The key to all this is PROCESS. I discovered that the majority of businesses don’t plan, or don’t do a very good job at it. Those businesses that plan and work the plan have a high success ratio. Those that don’t fail ~ or ~ at best, float in a myriad of ambiguity and mediocrity. It was at this point that the shocking reality hit me. Guess what. This same scenario is true for how most of us “lead” our lives. The part about “drowning in mediocrity” was cause for some searching and exploring.

As a result of this experience, I began to think more deeply about the personal implications of planning to my life. I wondered about things like: who am I, why am I here, what is my personal vision, mission and purpose for my life? What is mine to do? … or what do I really want to do in life that would allow me to leave this world with no regrets? If I did discover what is mine to do, how would I do it? What would it look like? What skills and “attitude” would I need?

These questions led me in 1985 to produce a 2 ½ day seminar titled, “Taking Charge of Your Personal and Professional Life,” and for the last 17 years have been delivering this seminar to provide guidance to individuals, businesses, churches and other groups and organizations.

In 2002, a good friend came to me and said, “Dan, you have a great product and program here, but you are sharing your insight with a limited number of people; one-on-one, or in open seminars. Why not put this information in book form so that it can be self-directed, and get it to the masses. By doing so, you have the potential to geometrically expand the number of people you can reach and help.” That sounded like good “strategy” to me, and thus was born the book, NO REGRETS ~ A Comprehensive Guide and Workbook For Mapping Your Life’s Journey –Regardless of Age. I hope you use this book to set your spirit free.

Dan Woodring - 2004