NO REGRETS ~ A Comprehensive Guide And Workbook For Mapping Your Life’s Journey ~ Regardless of Age

Table Of Contents

  • How This Book Was Born
  • The State of Our Humanness ~ What Do We Do Now?
  • What This Book Is Really All About
  • Are You Making The Right Life Choices? ~ Are You Ready to Change?
  • Giving Yourself a Gift ~ Making a Commitment
  • Notable Quotes
Guideline #1: Know and Understand Who You Truly Are
  • Who Am I?
  • Develop Understanding Of Your Essence
  • How Understanding, Knowing, and Being Your Essence Manifests Itself
  • Start With Your Entry Into This World ~ Ready-Set-Hatch
  • Focus On And Understand your Spiritual And Genetic Core
  • Summary
  • Guideline #1Assignment
  • Notable Quotes
Guideline #2: Know and Understand Why You Are the Way You Are
  • Your Solar System Of Self ~ Your Programmed Infrastructure
  • Your Mind Is Like A Giant Mega Computer
  • The Paradigm Rule ~ The Control Mechanism Within You
  • How Your Mind Is Programmed
  • Key Laws And Principles of Living
  • Summary
  • Guideline #2 Assignment
  • Notable Quotes
Guideline #3: Identify the Things Working For You and Those That Are Not. Keep the Former ~ Eliminate The Latter
  • First Things First ~ A Reality Check On Where You Are
  • Be Aware Of Negative Programming During Various Stages Of Your Life
  • Habits And Addictions ~ The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
  • Identify And Eliminate The Negatives ~ Stuff Keeping You From Your Destiny
  • Cut Out Negative Self-Talk
  • Change Your State Of Mind From Reactive To Proactive
  • Understand Your Comfort Zone ~ Set Sail To Expand Your Horizons
  • Bondage Or Freedom ~ Which?
  • A Choice For Change ~ Ya Gotta Wanna
  • Summary ~ An Open Letter
  • Guideline #3 Assignment
  • Notable Quotes
Guideline #4: Develop a Solid Belief System
  • Your Belief System ~ A Quick Review
  • Understand Your Mind-Body Connection ~ Neuro Association
  • Connect With, Affirm, And Practice A Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)
  • Get Your Mind To Work For You Through Positive Self-Talk
  • Think, Say, and Use Igniter Phrases
  • Summary ~ Mind Driving Skills to Possess
  • Guideline #4 Assignment
  • Notable Quotes
Guideline # 5: Model Successful Organizations and Successful People
  • Organizational and Personal Success ~ What’s The Difference?
  • Map Your Life’s Journey Using The Business Model ~ This Is The Process
  • Benefits of Planning and What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)
  • Success and Effectiveness ~ The 7 Habits
  • Treat Life As A Game
  • The Code, The Formula Or Process For Mapping Your Life’s Journey
  • Summary
  • Guideline #5 Assignment
  • Notable Quotes
Guideline # 6: Do a Critically Honest Self-Analysis
  • Your Self-Analysis ~ Key Profiles
  • Spiritual Inventory
  • Physical Inventory
  • Emotional Inventory
  • Mental Inventory
  • Self-Image Inventory
  • Stress and Strain Inventory
  • Romantic Nature Inventory
  • Becoming Aware of Your Romantic Nature
  • Your Personal Inventory Summary
  • Summary
  • Guideline #6 Assignment
  • Notable Quotes
Guideline # 7: Get A Solid Grip On Your Purpose For Living (Your Personal Mission)
  • The metaphor of the Great Oak Tree
  • Get Real About Your Mission & Purpose
  • Learn to develop And Express Your Uniqueness
  • Searching For Your Mission ~ Major Indicators & Clues
  • Identify Your Core Values
  • Document Your Personal Values
  • Document Your Work/Career/Avocation Values
  • Document Your Self-Image Values
  • Develop Your Personal Resume
  • Summarize Your Key Values, Indicators & Clues and Personal Resume
  • Write A Draft Statement Of Your Mission & Purpose
  • Summary
  • Guideline #7 Assignment
  • Notable Quotes
Guideline # 8: Develop Goal Statements For What You Want In Your Life
  • A Conversation With The Governor
  • Ready – Set – Paint
  • The Station ~ Get A Clear Sense Of What The Journey Is
  • Preparation For Goal Setting ~ Goal Prompters
  • Write Your Goal Statements From Prior Self-Inventories
  • Characteristics Of Good Goal Statements
  • Write Your Goal Statements ~ Eight Major Categories
  • Document Your Dream List ~ Letting Your Creativity Out
  • Act On Your Goals ~ Follow This Simple Process
  • (Use The) Weekly Focus Goal Plan
  • Summary
  • Guideline #8 Assignment
  • Notable Quotes
  • Extra, Reproducible Weekly Focus Goal Planners
Guideline #9: Tend Diligently To Your Garden
  • Your Mind ~ Metaphor Of A Garden
  • Use The Law Of The Circle As Positive Leverage
  • Develop Strong Habits That Cultivate Your Garden
  • Learn To Live (Mostly) In The Present
  • Get Excited ~ Have A High Degree Of Personal Motivation
  • Winners And Achievers ~ What It Takes
  • Use Positive Affirmations To Transform Your Life
  • Summary
  • Guideline #9 Assignment
  • Notable Quotes
Guideline #10: No Regrets ~ Follow The Code (The Guidelines)
  • Combine Mind, Body, and Spirit In Your Quest
  • Rose’s Story ~ Growing UP Not OLDER
  • Paul and Sue’s Story ~ Freedom and No Regrets
  • No Regrets ~ Do You “Get It?”
  • In The End